How to use the Buy-a-Feature Model to Improve your SaaS Product

What is the Buy-a-Feature Prioritization Model? One of many prioritization approaches product managers can utilize is Buy-a-Feature. It helps B2B SaaS companies, especially their product teams, identify the features that customers value the most. The product team interacts with a group of users to examine what features or upgrades those people would most love to […]

Behavioral Product Management (BPM)

What is behavioral product management (BPM)? Behavioral product management is a product management approach that focuses on understanding how users interact with a product and what motivates them to use it. Product managers and UI/UX folks need to be aware of the feelings and experiences a user can go through when working with the product. […]

Affinity Grouping

What is Affinity Grouping? Affinity Grouping, also known as Interest-Based Grouping, is a structured way of working that allows learners to work together in groups around common interests. In an Affinity Grouping activity, learners are placed into groups based on their similarities (e.g., age, gender, language proficiency level) rather than their ability to complete the […]

Adaptive Software Development (ASD)

What is Adaptive Software Development? Adaptive software development is a process that allows for changes in direction and scope as the project progresses. ASD is an agile methodology that enables the project to be flexible and respond to change. What’s the history of Adaptive Software Development? Adaptive Software Development was created by John Highsmith and […]

Acceptance Test

What is an acceptance test? An acceptance test is software testing that determines whether or not a system meets the requirements specified in the contract between the system owner and the system users. Definition of acceptance test The definition of an acceptance test is a bit more specific than the definition of software testing. An […]

Acceptance Criteria

What are Acceptance Criteria? Acceptance Criteria, often abbreviated as “AC,” are a set of specific requirements that need to be met before a user story can be considered “done.” They are usually written by the product manager in collaboration with the team and can help to ensure that everyone is on the same page when […]

AARRR ‘Pirate Metrics’ Framework

What is the AARRR framework? The AARRR framework is a set of five user-behavior metrics that SaaS companies should monitor for product-led growth. It’s an acronym for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue.  It helps you understand your customer journey and what to do at each stage to convert your potential customers and increase sales.  […]

A/B Testing

What is A/B testing? The idea of an A/B test is to produce, launch and compare two versions (or designs) of one thing. For example, businesses may use this method when deciding on new banner ads or homepage headlines in order to find out which performs better, among other things; they’ll measure performance based on […]