Top 10 Quotes by Eric Ries

Who is Eric Ries?

Eric Ries is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author who has been called “the prophet of the Lean Startup movement.” He, along with Steve Blank, created and developed the Lean Startup methodology, which has become popular among startups and small businesses worldwide. 

He’s the author of the best-selling book The Lean Startup. Ries has mentored many entrepreneurs, especially startups and small businesses, to become successful like him. 

Here are 10 of Eric Ries’ best quotes:

  1. “The Lean Startup is a new way of thinking about entrepreneurship and innovation.”
  2. “The Lean Startup is not just a methodology, it’s a mindset.”
  3. “Innovation is not about making something new; it’s about making something better.”
  4. “The modern rule of competition is whoever learns faster wins.”
  5. “In a world of constant change, the only sustainable competitive advantage is speed.”
  6. “The Lean Startup method is not about cost. It’s about speed.”
  7. “We must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want.”
  8. “Is there a good way to fail? You have to distinguish between productive failures and idiocy.”
  9. “The best way to learn is to build something yourself.”
  10. “You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react.”

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